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The portal

This is where you need to be to get brand new ideas in front of investors and onto to the market place!

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Ideas Portal

What can the Ideas Portal do for your business?

The function of the Ideas Portal it to connect inventors with investors and vice versa, whilst being able to receive good honest feedback from visitors about your product and if they think it will work in the marketplace.


Do you have the next big idea that you want to get out there to the market but are just stuck for the next move to make? Sign up to the ideas portal today. This is the place for you.


If you are an investor and you have the capacity to be able to take a product to market then sign up and help people achieve their dreams. This is the place for you.


Are you that person that loves to receive free samples and write honest reviews and feedback about the products you are testing? This is the place for you.

what you get

Your ideas deserve it

When you register an idea it is listed by category. For each category we have investors waiting to pick up new ideas to take them to market. So what exactty do you get? Simple. You get your idea presented to a known investor for a one off fee. You get the connection made.

Multiple category listings
Investors waiting
Connection made


How it works

It really is easy. If you have the idea but aren’t sure how to take it to market, follow these simple steps…


Sign Up

The cost to sign up for an account is £499. It is a one off fee and you can post as many ideas as you wish under the one account.


Post Ideas

Some ideas are better than others and have more potential to be on the market than others, so don’t be afraid to put in as much detail as possible. Your idea will be listed by category.



We’ll get you in front of as many investors as we can as quick and as possible, they are waiting in the wings for the next big idea to invest into.



Visitors are able to feedback on the ideas that are listed in the directory and may even request free samples from you to be able to test the product at home. The more feedback you have the ore you can improve and potentially win that investment!

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