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Is there any point in protecting my invention if patent enforcement is unaffordable?

Patent enforcement is often a big concern for a lone inventor. I often hear “Why patent if you cannot enforce it?” Patents are expensive, there is no doubt about it. If you require a patent in the UK, the USA, a few large European countries and maybe somewhere in Asia (by no means widespread global coverage) then you are looking at bills which will total well in excess of £100,000.

Free Data Event

Firstly, do you know what data is? Essentially, data is information which is stored for multiple uses. For businesses this could include details of customers and their orders.

Data is therefore valuable for businesses to help them to understand what’s happening to their business. An example of this would be for a business to help understand the performance of a certain product or service, or maybe even of a salesperson.

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Gated content on a website

Gated content is any content that your visitors can access only after providing their information. In most cases, this means a name and email address so you can be added to a further marketing list. Some websites have played with the idea of requiring social media follows or likes in exchange for content, which is a viable, but less a much utilised strategy than one that collect information for direct marketing.

How companies have adapted during the COVID19 Crisis

When the situation changes, and a business finds that suddenly its old business models no longer work, the successful ones will innovate and adapt to the situation around it. In many aspects, this is the definition of an innovative business and highlights the skillset of a successful entrepreneur from those that are less successful. When the environment changes, it closes some lucrative avenues that were open to the company, but (if you look hard enough) new ones present themselves.

Who’s visiting my website?

How many times do we check Google Analytics to see we’ve had quite a few visitors but know absolutely nothing about them? The suggestive route is to have conversion forms all around the website, that way the visitor will be compelled to leave us their details. But, when was the last you filled out one of these? I bet not for ages and that is exactly the problem.

Owning a Domain name

Hands up who thinks that they or their company own one or more domain names? OK, unless you work for nominet, ICANN or one of the other registrars, put your hands down. When you ‘purchase’ a domain name, what you are purchasing is a registration that entitles you to use the domain name for a certain period of time. You are not purchasing the domain name itself which remains owned by the registrar with whom you take out the contract.

Oooh what a picture, oooh what a photograph

It is so easy these days to get the perfect image you need for your website or to go on top of an article like this. All you have to do is type the topic into Google (or another favourite search engine), click on images and select the one you need right? No WRONG!

R in a circle or TM?

While on a recent holiday in Brugge, Belgium and while I should have been enjoying the chocolates, mussels and beer, I couldn’t help but stop to take some pictures of the branding at the local McDonalds. The reason is because I am often asked whether you should use an ® or a TM next to your name or logo, whether you have to use one of the other, what they mean and why they matter.

Choosing a name for your new venture

Choosing a good name for your new venture can be very challenging and is also very important. Although the saying goes that “a rose by any name smells just as sweet”, and there is something in the fact that is your product / service is so compelling it is likely to be a success whatever it is called.