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Category: General

Hate cleaning? Robots could be the solution

Remember how far off the future seemed as a kid? You may have had daydreams about self-driving cars and automated homes. While some of that is still (sadly) quite a ways off, technology has come a very long way. Case in point, the automated cleaning industry.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This may not be one of life’s big questions. But the topic of machine learning is all the buzz in the artificial intelligence (AI) community these days. The idea that machines are actually learning might be news to you. And you might wonder how they do this without a brain. Yes, machines don’t have brains. Not like human brains, at least. But they are learning.

Building Innovation Ecosystems to Reinvent School

It feels like a crazily long time now since my adventures across the USA last autumn, in which I looked at trends in school design and edu innovation. Over the last 4 months—as well as getting stuck into new projects in the UK—I’ve been synthesising all my learning from the vast array of conversations and observations during those 7 weeks into a detailed paper which has now been published by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.