Free Data Event

Firstly, do you know what data is? Essentially, data is information which is stored for multiple uses. For businesses this could include details of customers and their orders.

Data is therefore valuable for businesses to help them to understand what’s happening to their business. An example of this would be for a business to help understand the performance of a certain product or service, or maybe even of a salesperson.

Normally, there is an objective behind wanting to understand your data in a particular way. This could be because you have certain sales targets to hit, to then hit certain profit targets for the business.

Similarly, it could be because you need to order more stock of a certain product. Here you would be interested to see how much volume of that product you are selling weekly to then order a similar amount for the remainder of the year.

Big Data

So that’s data. But what’s Big Data? Essentially a lot more of the above. It could be a case of having multiple data sources such as a CRM system, a billing platform and a customer satisfaction database.

Just like “normal” data however, Big Data is only valuable if you have a certain objective you wish to achieve from analysing your data. At the same time, the data you are analysing needs to be stored in a way where you can derive maximum benefit from evaluating it.

Learn More

We’re pleased to say there’s a free event you can attend to help you learn more. It’s the Big Data event being held online this year, for obvious reasons, and includes great seminars and speakers including the following.

  • Data Governance
  • Cloud Analytics
  • Data Visualisation
  • Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia)
  • Hannah Fry (TV presenter)

To sign up click here!

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