Marketing Your Product – How will you get noticed?

In an upsidedown world where trust in traditional marketing is fading, brands are looking at other ways to get their products boosted on to the marketplace whilst retaining their brand reputation.

Influencer marketing is definitely a hot topic in digital marketing right now and as more and more businesses jump on the bandwagon, it’s only going to get bigger – especially in the current lockdown market of 2020.

But despite this, Influencer marketing it isn’t just as simple as sending your product to some of the most popular people on Instagram and hoping for the best. You need to choose wisely who you contact to promote your product – someone influential or who has a sizeable following within a specific niche and good levels of engagement within that following.

Types of influencers that we connect with

Celebrity Influencers – often the hardest to get a hold of and one of the most expensive to work with due to the potential reach you could achieve with the followers that they have. However you’re more than likely going through an agent to get to them and sometimes, credibility can be lost if the consumer feels like the celeb is just “selling out” for cash and isn’t really invested in the product themselves.

Authority Influencers – these are people who have authority in their field or specialism. So if your product is for a particular target audience/consumer market, then choosing a respected authoritative figure in that field to influence peoples buying decision is a great option.

Micro influencers – these are the Joe Public of influencers! Its anyone with a social account that can make a recommendation to others in influence a buying pattern! Its often much cheaper too (like the cost of letting the influencer keep your product that they are trying out and recommending). It also gives you the opportunity to scale up your marketing efforts too.

Influencer marketing is a reasonably new form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole, generally on social media. Influencer marketing identifies the individuals who have influence over your potential customers and invests its marketing activities around these influencers.

So will this be a marketing strategy that you will invest in?

With a new product it is always more difficult to get yourself in front of the right people. Ideas Portal have the directory setup so that you can get your product in front of investors, but what about getting your product in front of consumers?

If you’re interested in jumping on board the influencer train but are worried about the longevity of this marketing technique, don’t be. It is quite simply one of the most lucrative markets to invest your marketing budget into right now. Micro-influencer marketing can be a way to benefit from influencer marketing without a high initial investment too.

Consider a person who has Better engagement with their followers. While it’s tempting to use follower counts as your main target, a person’s followers are worthless if they aren’t engaging with the influencers posts. Micro-influencers usually have a much higher level of engagement than bigger influencers, often due to the fact they have the time to engage with their followers and are still attempting to build their audience too.


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