New product development – you won’t be board!
product development

We’ve got some really exciting news on a new product development! We can’t give a great deal away however we just thought we’d drop you a few hints on what to expect.

Firstly, as you know, listing your ideas on our site is a very easy process. For a small fee we put you in front of businesses looking for those exact products and services.

So, based on that we’ve found one really interesting idea which not only have we managed to connect with a manufacturer and retailer, but also there’s many areas we at Ideas Portal can help with.

You see we have in-house experts in the world of design, intellectual property and data. This combined with our fantastic business subscribers makes us the one stop shop.

We’re also going to help crowdfund some funds to help the project get started. We want to see the project come to live from start to retail! All we can say at this stage is you might be playing it this Christmas.

product development

To keep up-to-date with it’s progress please ensure you’ve registered as a visitor as a bare minimum. Watch this space for this and other new product development!

(By the way have you guessed what you think it might be? Leave us a comment below on your best guess and we’ll give you a shout out if you get it right!)