SEO for Startups

Do you ever wonder why people never visit your website? You’ve got an awesome product or service but no one knows about you.  Why does no one come? 

Well the answer may just be as simple as “Search Engine Optimisation” or SEO for short.  Research shows that when it is very rare for someone performing a search on Google or another search engine to look click on a link that isn’t on the first page and so for people to find you via a web search you really have to get your website ranking highly for the search terms where you want to be found.

The order in which search results are returned are determined by an algorithm and while all major search engines keep their exact algorithms secret and tweak them regularly all of them use a number of common factors to determine which website should rank highly.  It is possible to optimise your website for these common factors so that the algorithms rate your website more highly and place your website above your competitions. 

This process is SEO. The factors that affect ranking can essentially be grouped into two: internal factors related to the actual content of the website and external factors to do with how popular and respected your website appears to be.

Among internal factors, the most important are keyword density (how often the search term words appear on a particular page), the contents of the meta tags, whether there are robot friendly files such as a sitemap present and whether the site is ‘responsive’ (i.e. changes layout depending on the size and screen resolution of the device being used) . 

Probably the most important external factor is the number of links to your site that the search engine finds (and the reputation of the sites that are linking to you).  The rationale is that if a lot of well respected sites are linking to your content then your website probably has authority and contains information which the reader will find useful.  Conversely, if your website has no links then the search engines will rank it lower.  Other external factors include how long the website has been up, how often the content is changed / updated and how many visitors the website has.

There are a lot of tools and consultants available that can help you optimise your site: just search SEO and you will find them.  Some of these tools are free and some consultants can cost hundreds of pounds per month.  At Ideas Portal we have checked a lot of these options and think the best option is to choose a modestly priced report detailing the current SEO issues and suggests ways in which they can be fixed.  For only £99, we will offer you a complete audit of your website and provide a detailed report including the following:-

Website Audit

  • Sitemap check: ensure your sitemap is working correctly and can be read by search engine crawlers
  • Speed test: is the speed at which your page downloads for visitors slow or fast
  • Meta tags check: is the information “behind” your website set up correctly to be picked up by search engines
  • Indexed pages: are your pages indexed correctly to allow users to find your website effectively on search engines
  • Mobile support test: is your site mobile optimised or is it difficult for visitors to use your site on their mobile devices

Competitor Research

  • Where you rank in terms of competition: how effective is your existing SEO strategy
  • Backlink report: how many external sites link and “endorse” your site
  • Top referrers: what are the main sources of referral traffic to your site
  • Top search queries: what do people type to find your site
  • Alexa rank: where do you sit in one of the most popular website ranking league tables

We’re sure you’ll find this report invaluable and by also listing your idea on our portal, it will give you further coverage to take your business to the next level (by the way listing if your a startup or inventor is absolutely free!). 

All the best with your venture and hope we can work together soon. 

Ideas Portal Customer Team


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