The Business Show

So, it’s been around half a year since the pandemic struck and the business world has been transformed. Businesses and their plans have been put back, gone altogether or transformed into something new.

One of the biggest transformations is how we actually interact with businesses. More importantly how businesses interact with their audience.

One of the most popular business events of the calendar is the The Business Show held every in London. A live business directory containing diverse exhibitors from accountants to wellbeing coaches.

This year the event has been postponed, for obvious reasons. However unlike many events which have gone online. They’ve decided to postpone until next year.

You Caan do it!

Having attended the event a couple of years ago, I can only recommend anyone who hasn’t to at least pop in and have a peruse. It’s highly probably there will be social distancing restrictions however.

So in the new, Covid world, what’s the future of the business events? And, more importantly a business directory of up-and-coming startups?

At Ideas Portal, we think we’ve got the answer. An online portal where start-ups can list their business and service offerings to both the end consumer but also potential partners.

Someone with a fantastic solution to a bathroom nightmare might be sitting on a goldmine. However, without having a marketing or retail channel to get the product out there means we’ll never hear about it.

Likewise businesses investing in thousands or millions on research and development for new products might not need to look any further than their tablet or phone.

Just like businesses have had to transform and adapt, so does the business directory. An online-first, responsive and constantly updated forum. Routes to market need to be affordable and accessible.

Definitely try a bit of everything but don’t forget Ideas Portal!