Who’s visiting my website?

It’s a question we’re sure a lot of us ask on regular – if not daily – basis. 

How many times do we check Google Analytics to see we’ve had quite a few visitors but know absolutely nothing about them? 

The suggestive route is to have conversion forms all around the website, that way the visitor will be compelled to leave us their details.  But, when was the last you filled out one of these?  I bet not for ages and that is exactly the problem. 

What’s needed is a way we can find out this information but at minimal effort to the visitor.   

Utopia? Not quite. We’ve found a really neat plugin for any WordPress users out there. It’s free to use and essentially all you need to do is to install the plugin, activate it and then away you go.  The plugin grabs the IP Address of the user and looks up its owner and originating country.  For B2B businesses where most visitors of interest will be corporates with their own registered IP addresses this can be very informative and useful information.  This information is less useful for B2C businesses where you will simply receive information on the ISP that your potential customer is using.  This is still useful though as you can determine the country of your visitor and assuming their IP address is static or hasn’t changed between visits, dynamically identify a returning visitor.

You should bear in mind that your visitor can, if they wish, obscure their real identity (e.g. by using a VPN – virtual private network) but in the vast majority of cases the information will be accurate. 

Obtaining accurate information on your visits has clear benefits.  Firstly, you can use the information to build a  better narrative that will appeal to your customers in a more targeted and focussed way.  It may also be possible to write scripts to direct certain customers or types of customers to different landing pages so that the messaging can be targeted.   

You can install the free plugin from here – https://www.producthunt.com/posts/smart-visitor-tracker.


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